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Friday, May 17, 2002
A Letter from Cynthia McKinney

Mr. President,

It is likely that another terrorist attack will occur sometime in the foreseeable future. It will most likely involve explosives, guns, or perhaps biological agents and it will injure and kill many of our citizens.

Since we are all so much smarter than we were on September 10, 2002, (especially the Government), and because I have given you fair advance warning, it is fair to postulate that YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Any terrorist attack now, no matter how bizarre, no matter how large, no matter how small, no matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the vector, no matter the reason – it will be laid at your feet because YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

It is now your responsibility to use all the power at your disposal to insure that this never happens or IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT. It will also BE YOUR FAULT if any citizens of the world are denied their basic human rights due to any action anyone, anywhere, at anytime, takes to try and prevent such an event from occurring.

You may count on my full support in your efforts, unless, of course, I perceive that there is a benefit to me in turning against you and slandering you and your motives for personal gain.


Your Fiend Cynthia

Thursday, May 16, 2002
All Work and No Play

Very little time lately, but I'm not going to apologize for not being able to post much (take that Dvorak!). The following is what Derbyshire incorrectly labelled as blogging some time back. Nordlinger's Impromptu's are a better analogy.

Tomorrow night, Midwest Blogger's Bash 2002 at 1900 at TNGs in Webster Grove! Don't make me ask you twice.

So much news, so little time. I think I am going to start working on a series of articles about this big company down in Houston called Enron. I've been reading up on them and I'm not sure eveything is on the up and up there. Probably get me a Pulitzer if my hunches turn out right. Just because the denoument happened 7 months ago is no big deal. After all, some members of Congress and selected media think that they have 9 or 10 months of hindsight on their side when it comes to ctriticizing the administration over not being able to have known about 9/11 based upon a handful of facts that are just now coming to light. Shoot, I'm only asking for 7 months of hindsight. In other news, Blues lost, Cubs are really bad, Mr. Peanut is out of control, Zimbabwe is still dropping fast, Saddam's days are numbered (my guess < 150), and reading 7 days of the Axis of Feeble (Fisk, Rall, Chomsky, Donahue, et al) makes one weak.

Still working in the off minutes on the Scourge for Richard Cohen's Tuesday column, but there is still no Thursday column posted! Has Richard been shamed into silence or did someone at the Washington Post finally get around to reading what he was writing? Champion of the opera??? This has been a very difficult column to Scourge because it is so, so, so banal.

Saw a reference to MoDo on Andrew Sullivan's site. Since I have two daughters, I have a passing familiarity with the PowerPuff Girls, where one of the villains is Mojo JoJo. Since MoDo hasn't found the right person yet, she is destined to go the way of the dodo, so perhaps we could start calling here MoDo dodo. You need to watch an episode of the PowerPuff Girls to get the right pronunciation and inflection when saying this.

Picked up a paperback copy of George S. Patton's book "War As I Knew It" at Dulles before heading home. On the back cover it speaks of "George S. Patton and his pearl handled revolvers." Now, seriously, when George C. Scott was asked about this by a reporter in the movie Patton, he responded by saying that "only a New Orleans pimp would have pearl handled revolvers, they're ivory" or something to that effect. I have the DVD, but lack the energy to look it up right now. How hard was that for the publisher to get right on their own book?

Oh, and VodkaPundit is back, tending bar and dispensing wisdom.

Let's see, when I post daily, I get about 100 hits a day. When I go a week without posting I get about 95 hits a day. Go figure. My friend Ron said that my absence made his heart go wander ... off to InstaPundit.


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