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Thursday, October 10, 2002


First of all, I'm really slow. Real life is to blame for the lack of a successful blog transition, not MT.

Second of all, we are having an impromptu blog bash on Sunday around the Rams vs. Raiders game. I'll be wearing the Bears or Fighting Illini gear. The Mysterious Juan Gato and I will be setting up base camp somewhere near the Edward Jones Dome by 12:00 or so on Sunday, attending the game and then having dinner at base camp afterwards. I can't know where we'll be until I get a parking spot, so if you want to attend, send me an e-mail and give me a phone number. I'll call you from base camp once it is established and tell you where we are. We will have some out of town guests -- Mr. Harris of Ipse Dixit and Jeffrey of Brut4C will be there from out of town wearing Raider gear. Y'all come. I'll have chili, brats, beer, and other stuff. The more the merrier, so let me know! I'm just guessing, but I'll bet you can get tickets to the game fairly cheaply these days...

Thirdly, if I keep posting I'll never get the conversion done, so no more posts until MT! I gotta tell you, it's killing me with all this material out there going begging. But y'all are impressing the hell out of me. I haven't posted for a week and I still got 170+ hits today. Damn.

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