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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

The Scourge of Richard Cohen, Vol. LXXIII

(Ed. -- The following is a bit of mean spiritedness that will be an on-going feature of this blog. Normally the author will endeavor to be reasonably fair, but this is an exception.)

On the seventh day of Cohen, my pundit gave to me ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP!

I’m tired of wasting my time on Richard Cohen. Barry Bonds can keep his record. My apologies to everyone waiting for the rest of the Twelve Days of Cohen. Ain’t gonna happen, at least not here. I’ve just finished a multi-day marathon of Performance Management Plan Reviews for my entire staff while suffering from interminable bouts of vertigo brought on by God knows what, but which the doctor believes is important enough that I get in immediately to see him -- when he returns on January 3. With all that, the 6 inches of winter wonderland that has belatedly descended on us, and, oh yeah, Christmas, there are many, many things I should be doing instead of sitting in front of my PC to fulfill some self-imposed deadline for six more Scourges on only four columns that maybe 35 people are going to read.

I’ve got some vintage port to enjoy, a bunch of presents to give out and a family that hasn’t had nearly enough of my attention lately.

Merry Christmas everybody! See you again soon...

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